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Treasures for the Church

We all had a blessed Easter Celebration at church. Thanks to Dr. Derrick Elliot for all his Holy Week preparations. 
We talk about giving treasures, time, and talent so I thought I would give you some ideas for this giving. We know that our Board reviews our financial status at each Board meeting, so I thought I would throw out our wish list of items we usually purchase for the kitchen or the office. By purchasing one of the items on the wish list you will be giving back a treasure for the church. 
Kitchen Supplies:
Dish detergent
Paper towels
Toilet Paper
Paper goods such as bowls, plates, and napkins as well as disposable utensils
Coffee and filters
Cups-Styrofoam as well red solo cups
Sweetener for coffee as well as creamer
Grape juice, wafers, or bread for communion. 

Office Supplies:
Envelopes ( 20 pound, with adhesive strip for press and seal)
Paper to use to make the weekly Bulletin's for the service.
Please let the office know what supplies you are purchasing so we don’t have a lot of duplication. 
Sincerely, Karen

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