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Prayer Group

Book Study "Journeying Together: An Exploration
of the Book of Numbers" 
crafted by Rev. Dr. Derrick Elliott.
This study guide invites us to explore the Israelites'
wilderness journey, reflecting on faith, rebellion, and
divine providence. It's an opportunity for deep spiritual
and intellectual engagement with the Book of Numbers,
aiming to resonate with believers today by exploring our relationship with God and life's challenges.
Wednesday's at 11am & 6pm in person or via Zoom


Candy Cotton







   Worship at 10am both in person and Online via Facebook  * To attend Sunday worship via Facebook live click HERE

    Contact the office if you would like to attend in person at 480 -969-5631

   ** If you don't have access to Facebook, then watch it on our website:  just click on DHC Live! at the top of the page.

    The bulletin is also available on our website under the DHC Live! link.

    Please join us after the Service, each Sunday in our Fellowship Hall for light refreshments and good conversation!


   Treasures for the Church!

  We talk about giving treasures, time, and talent so I thought I would give you some ideas for this giving.

  We know that our Board reviews our financial status at each Board meetings, so I thought I would throw our wish list of items

  we usually purchase for kitchen or office.

  By purchasing one of the items on the wish list you will be giving back a treasure for the church.


  Kitchen Supplies:

  Dish detergent

  Paper towels

  Toilet Paper

  Paper goods such as bowls, plates, and napkins as well as disposable utensils

  Coffee and filters

  Cups-Styrofoam as well red solo cups

  Sweetener for coffee as well as creamer

  Grape juice, wafers, or bread for communion.


  Office Supplies


  Envelopes ( 20 pound, with adhesive strip for press and seal)

  Paper for Bulletin use



  Please let the office know what supplies you are purchasing so we don’t have a lot of duplication.




    If you have bottles and/or cans that need to be recycled, bring them to the Church. They will be picked up at the Church on

    Wednesdays by 12 (noon). You can drop them off by the Church office door.

    The Women's Group collects the bottles & cans as a means to fund different outreach programs around the community. 

   If you have any questions, please contact the Church office.  

    Desert Heritage Women's Group is collecting supplies for Treasures 4 Teachers.

    Supplies can be dropped off in the Narthex of the Church doing normal Business hours.

    You can see the list of accepted donations at the Treasures 4 Teachers website.



    Volunteers are needed to help out around the Church. Please contact Pastor Derrick if you would like to help out.








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