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Holy Week

Dear Beloved Church Family,

As we stand on the threshold of Holy Week, a profoundly sacred time that invites us to walk closely with Jesus through the most pivotal moments of our faith, I reach out to each of you with a heart full of anticipation and spiritual longing. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, encapsulates the essence of our Christian journey - from triumphant entry to the cross and, gloriously, to the resurrection. It is a week that calls for reflection, prayer, and a recommitment to live in the light of Christ's endless love and sacrifice.

Palm Sunday: Celebration and Humble Service

On this day, as we commemorate Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem, let us reflect on the nature of true kingship. Our King chose humility over power, riding on a donkey. May we embrace humility and serve one another in love, remembering that in God's kingdom, the greatest are those who serve.

Action: Find a way to serve someone in your community or church family today, embodying Christ's humility and love.

Holy Monday: Cleansing and Renewal

As Jesus cleansed the temple, let us invite Him to cleanse our hearts. This is a day for personal reflection on what needs to be overturned and cleansed within us.

Action: Spend personal confession and prayer, asking God to reveal and cleanse any areas of your life that hinder your relationship with God and others.

Holy Tuesday: Obedience and Teaching

Jesus taught in the temple, sharing parables and wisdom. Let this day be one in which we seek God's wisdom through scripture, reflecting on His teachings and how they apply to our lives.

Action: Choose a parable or teaching of Jesus to meditate on and ask God how God is calling you to live out this teaching in your life.

 Holy Wednesday: Silence and Betrayal

Known as Spy Wednesday, this day reminds us of Judas' betrayal. Let us reflect on the times we have betrayed Jesus in our thoughts, words, or actions. It's a day for quiet reflection and repentance.

Action: Spend time in silence, reflecting on your own betrayals and asking for God's forgiveness and the strength to remain faithful.

 Maundy Thursday: Love and Communion

We remember Jesus' Last Supper with His disciples, His new commandment to love one another, and His ultimate act of servitude.

Action: Reflect on the act of Holy Communion and what it means to live a life of sacrificial love.

Good Friday: Sacrifice and Suffering

On this solemn day, we remember the passion and crucifixion of our Lord. It's a day to reflect on the depth of Christ's love and the cost of our salvation.

Action: Spend time contemplating the Cross. Consider fasting as a physical reminder of Jesus' sacrifice.

Holy Saturday: Waiting and Hope

This is a day of quiet and contemplation as we wait in hope for the resurrection. It's a time to rest in God's promise of new life and redemption.

Action: Set aside time for quiet reflection or nature walks, meditating on the theme of waiting and hope in God's promises.

 Easter Sunday: Resurrection and Joy

Alleluia! Today, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Savior, and the promise of eternal life. It is a day of joy, celebration, and renewed commitment to live in the light of the Resurrection.

Action: Celebrate the day with your church family, sharing in worship, music, and fellowship. Share the joy of the Resurrection with someone who needs hope.

As we journey through this Holy Week together, may our hearts be drawn closer to Jesus and one another. Let us intentionally embrace each day, reflecting on His great love for us and responding in kind. May the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.

In Christ's love and service,

Pastor Derrick 

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