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Maricopa County Take Care Program

Visit Maricopa.gov/TakeCare to find COVID-19 relief assistance with the Take Care.

Free COVID-19 Testing, Free Flu Vaccinations, COVID-19 Crisis Rental Assistance, COVID-19 Crisis Utility Assistance, Maricopa County Funeral Assistance, and Maricopa County Small Business & Nonprofit Relief.

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Fasting -Spiritual Discipline

This week the spiritual discipline will be Fasting. “Fasting reveals the things that control us.…We are not so much abstaining from food as we are feasting on the word of God. Fasting is feasting!”- R

Prayer - Spiritual Discipline

This week the spiritual discipline will be Prayer. “True, whole prayer is nothing but love.” - St. Augustine • Prayer is not a chore but a gift of love between God and us. • Prayer is not techniques,

Spiritual Disciplines

God is inviting us to spend time with some spiritual disciplines as we journey through a world that at times seems to be chaotic and troubling. We are given twelve spiritual disciplines that helps us


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